Maniacalendar is the most updated calendar with events of the Maniaplanet games. It contains data from several event organisers and aims on easy of usage, integrations with several different platforms and the open idea of creating an open calendar for the community by the community.

The team

The team of Maniacalendar is part of several teams and clans in the Trackmania and Shootmania games. This makes it possible for us to validate the events, make note of organisers that might forget to submit it to the calendar and help to maintain the calendar and information around it.



Also known as $0f0H$ff0a$0f0a$ff0g$0f0s$ff0e$06fSmurf in Maniaplanet.
Role: Team member.



Also known as $i$s$f80$oToffe$z$06FSmurf$ffa$l[]$FD4Py$369Planet in Maniaplanet.
Role: Application manager for the team.



Also known as $f00DDE.$fffmali in Maniaplanet.
Role: Application manager for the team.

The tech

Maniacalendar is developed, hosted and maintained by Toffe. Because it costs money to host and time to develop and maintain the application, donations are more than welcome.

Contact & Suggestions

Please login in the menu and head over to Support to contact us! If you don't have an account or can't login, please contact one of the team members (prefer the application managers) via discord:
- Toffe#8999


Maniacalendar values the work of security researchers and have the vision to learn from it mistakes. If you are one and want to share us something, please send an email to:

If you want to encrypt and/or sign the contents you can use the following GPG key: C562357D668C902E6A963BB44DBE514165F016BE @