This event is hosted in Trackmania and in the title(s) Trackmania² MultiEnvi. You can participate on your own and registration is not required.

Hello everyone ! I'm introducing a small cup that will take place every Friday at 7pm CET, the Throwback cup.

What is it ? This cup will make players drive trough the evolution of mapping of some specific mappers or general mapping of the whole community.
The cup will last not more than 30 minutes, since other events are coming afterwards
The maps will be "unknown", even they are release on Maniaexchange.

How the cup work ? 1 warm-up on each maps, depending on the maps length, the number of maps and rounds played will change. During warm-ups, the number of rounds for the map will be announced.

Which Titlepack ? We will play on the titlepack TMAll.

This cup is mostly to have fun and discover maps together. Come join the fun

Server : maniaplanet://#join=throwbackcup@TMAll@domino54

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Trackmania² MultiEnvi
  Maniaplanet multienvironment
Individual event

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