This event is hosted in Shootmania and in the title(s) Shootmania Storm. You can participate on your own and registration is not required. You need to have the title pack Obstacle installed.

Gaia is a very unique Obstacle map - everytime you play the map on the server, the checkpoint order will be randomized, and you have to find the quickest route through 51 checkpoints to beat the other players. The map is designed to be finishable by beginners/intermediate players.

The Champion of Gaia takes place every other sunday, with players competing against each other in random seeds of the map, trying to be the fastest player to finish an unknown route.

The prizepool for each cup will be

:first_place: 40€
:second_place: 20€
:third_place: 15€

The full rules are on
Obstacle Discord - head down to #cup-information to check them out! To participate, simply join the Gaia Sprint server before 8PM CEST on the cup day. You can also join late, though it will put you in a disadvantage.

The action will be streamed at:

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Shootmania Storm
Custom Title
Individual event

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