This event is hosted in Trackmania and in the title(s) Trackmania² Canyon. You can participate on your own and registration is not required.

LEVEL9 - Tour de France meets TM²C

Team APEX is proud to present a new entry in the APEX Monthly tournament series.

Where: APEX Events (Server opening: 20:00 CET)

What: 9 maps x 9 minutes TA. We'll add up all final scoreboards of those 9 maps and the fastest player in total wins.

No registration required, just join before 20:30 CET and you're good to go. Joining after tournament start is possible, but not finished maps will be counted as AT + 15secs in the final result.

Event details

Trackmania² Canyon
  Canyon general
Individual event

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Upcoming dates

  • 2024-05-14 18:30 UTC