This event is hosted in Trackmania and in the title(s) Trackmania² Stadium. You can participate on your own and registration is not required. You need to have the title pack PursuitStadium installed. And there is a map pool that you can contribute to.

The event starts at 21:00 CEST, but it never hurts to get there early.

We're going back to the "old" Pursuit, which means there are a few details I'd like to address:
- Only the stadium car will be available to drive.
- The maps that will be played are old (2015-2017 era) and therefore require more skill to reach the hideouts.
- The Choppa map is a must.

We have a lot of old players joining us, so expect some skill.

Oh, and remember to tell your friends, the more the merrier!

Event details

Trackmania² Stadium
  Stadium other
Custom Title
Maps welcome
Individual event

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Upcoming dates

This event has no upcoming dates.