This event is hosted in Shootmania and in the title(s) Shootmania Storm. You can participate on your own and registration is not required.

The Choco Cup occurs the 15th of each month at 21pm.

We play a lot of random obstacle maps.

- Skip to the next map 10s after the first finisher
- If nobody finishes in 5min, we skip to the next map
- You gain one point by CP reached (goal included) -> Everybody get points
- If multiple players finishes the map, the first get one more point that the second, and the second has one more point than the third...
- Maps are random, we play on the MaxMap server
- We don't know the maps that will be used in the cup, so we may skip some maps
- Duration is around 1h15. No registration. You can join during the cup.

Event details

Shootmania Storm
  Shootmania obstacle
Individual event

Upcoming dates

  • 2024-08-15 19:00 UTC
  • 2024-09-15 19:00 UTC
  • 2024-10-15 19:00 UTC
  • 2024-11-15 20:00 UTC
  • 2024-12-15 20:00 UTC